Where can I pick up my order?

At my shop located between Jesup and Fairbank, or....I do make frequent deliveries into town and surrounding areas. I can bring baked goods and deli items to you.

What are your shop hours so I can come pick out a few cookies or treats?

[Rach's Kitchen] makes all bakery fresh after you place an order. We do not have a display counter full of pre-made items to pick from. You call or email your order to me and I will bake it up fresh for you to pick-up or for me to deliver. If you would like to pick-up your order, set up an appointment with Rach.

How far in advance do I need to order?

My calendar fills up quickly and availability is based on first come first serve basis.

What is the cost for delivery?

My delivery charge varies with mileage.  Ask for a price quote:)

Where do you get your recipes?

Some of my recipes have been handed down through my family, from previous generations, and have truly stood the test of time:o) Other recipes are treasures I have discovered along the way from church cookbooks, magazines and family friends. But I admit...I am a tweaker, always experimenting with new recipes to get just the right flavor!

How long has Rach's Kitchen been in business?

We officially launched the commercial business July of 2010, but I have been baking and cooking for family and friends for years. Prior to launching Rach's Kitchen, my husband & I owned and operated Criss Cross, an embroidery digitizing company.

I don't see my favorite peanut butter treats on your menu. Don't you bake anything with peanut butter?

I do not. My husband and daughters have peanut allergies, so I have NO peanut products in our home or my licensed kitchen! However, if you have food allergies, always be sure to check ingredient labeling. Some ingredients may have been 'manufactured in a facility that also processes' that food you are allergic to or 'may contain trace amounts'. UPDATE:  After 11 years of avoiding peanut products, our daughters have been re-tested and no longer react to peanuts! Therefore, I have added a couple of items to my menu that do contain peanuts. With all this said, I will continue to keep my kitchen a peanut-free environment through proper handling and with thorough clean-up.

Was that your daughter that threw a brownie at me in the Jesup Farmer's Day Parade?

Um...yes. Sorry if it hit you. She saw the firefighters throwing tootsie rolls from their trucks and thought that was the way to hand them out! (She's got an arm on her, doesn't she??!!?)

Frequently Asked Questions

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